Employment residency visa

Employment residency visa

Except for UAE and GCC national citizens, other nationalities must obtain a UAE residence visa to legally live in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other emirates. A residence visa is required to open a bank account, obtain a driving license, register a car, apply for a PO Box, and so on. There are several ways in which a residence visa can be obtained. Generally, the application process for a residence visa involves the following steps:

​1. We apply for an entry permit, if applicable (employment visa for employee, relative visit visa for relative, etc)

2. After entry, the residence visa applicant needs to go to a government hospital or medical clinic for a health check. The medical check is a blood test and chest X-ray for HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy, and Syphilis. If results come back positive for any of those conditions, the person is deported, except for syphilis which is treated. TB cases are quarantined first then deported. 

3. We go back to residency department with passport, medical test results, salary certificate if required, tenancy agreement if required, marriage certificate for spouse. Any certificates should be notarized, attested, and rolled up with a nice ribbon around them.

4. Last step is the residency department, and after few days we collect your passport with a new resident's visa stamped in.

5. For details of the application for different types of residence visa, please contact us.