Ajman Offshore

Offshore companies are technically those that are incorporated in a country other than the one in which the shareholders of the company reside. They have come to mean companies that are incorporated in tax havens.

The reasons to open an offshore company are many, like low or zero taxes, ease of international operations, freedom from state regulation, and placement of funds in accounts out of the country.

Ajman Free Zone was established in 1988 and was granted an autonomous status. Just like any other offshore jurisdiction, it offers a zero taxation system and the company’s privacy are kept intact. The legal address of the offshore company is the address of the registered agent.

No need to rent an office space as well as industrial place. The legal address of offshore Ajman agent; is the address of the offshore company. The key point to understand the need of an offshore: it is a 100% tax free It has low cost of company set up
Ajman Offshore Company is not eligible to get a UAE visa for their shareholders, directors or secretary.
Ajman offshore company formation are allowed to purchase, as well as sale property. Fast setup procedure, the documents can be delivered in 1 working day 100% ownership of offshore Ajman
Ajman offshore company formation is also a globally recognize company.
No annual audit requirement for Ajman offshore company
Offshore setup Ajman can also open a Bank Account
It is a tax free company; that is 0% corporate tax, 0% income tax as well as 0% VAT
A very well know Dubai address for an offshore set up.
No Paid up Share Capital required for an Ajman offshore company set up.
​It has the lowest cost and also the easiest set up process.